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  • Environmentally Friendly Heating and Cooling Ideas

    When it comes to heating and cooling your home, it is important to be energy efficient. Being energy efficient is not only cost effective, but is also environmentally friendly. Making energy wise choices is one step towards reducing our footprint and leaving a healthier, happier, cleaner Earth for our descendants. Sometimes the most energy efficient […]

  • Electric Heating Options for Your Shop or Garage

    When it comes to heating areas such as your shop or garage, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want to find a heater that will heat the space efficiently and be cost effective. Things to consider: Safety As always, consider the safety of yourself and others around you. Whatever choice you make […]

  • Checklist for Hiring a Heating and Cooling Specialist

    When your heating and cooling system is on the fritz, or when you are looking to make upgrades or replace your unit, you might consider calling a heating and cooling specialist. A heating a cooling specialist can make repairs to your existing unit, assist with upgrades, or install a new unit. When choosing someone to […]

  • Central Humidifiers: Are They Worth It?

    When the air gets dry, especially in the colder months when your heater is running, you can suffer from a whole host of problems. Allergies, scratchy throat, dry skin, chapped lips, and nasal congestion are just a few of the symptoms that accompany dry air conditions. A humidifier is the solution to the majority of […]