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  • Tips for Finding a Furnace Repairman

    It’s bitter cold outside but you know that the moment you open the door of your home, and walk in the warmth will surround you and all the day’s troubles will be gone – unless your furnace is acting up. Then you might find your entire family on the sofa under an electric blanket trying […]

  • Tips for Finding a Cooling Specialist¬†

    If you’re air conditioner suddenly stops working, what do you do? Panic? Try to fix it yourself? Truthfully, for a complicated system it’s better to find a cooling specialist to get your AC up and running again. There are a lot of factors that play into them that need a knowledgeable professional to fix. Be […]

  • The Importance of Air Duct and Vent Cleaning

    As people strive to be healthier and more energy conscious, a long list of new things to do starts forming. From replacing appliances for more energy efficient versions, to insulating and sealing attics and crawl spaces, every part of your home is another chance to make the best of your home improvements. Air duct and […]

  • Filters: The First Line of Defense for Your AC and Heating

    There are many different parts and components of your air conditioning and heating system. Of all of the different parts, one of the most important components are the smallest. The filters you use and your maintenance of them are extremely important to the life and function of your air conditioning and heating system. Your home […]