About Us

  • When you’re at home, you should feel at home

    You should be cool in the summer. Warm in the winter. And you should be able to breathe comfortably: stale air filtered out, fresh air filtered in.

    But too often, homes, offices, and other buildings are inconsistently cold or hot. They’re not properly ventilated, making their occupants feel not quite right. Sometimes, your environment can even be actively harmful.

    When you bring up these concerns to a heating and cooling company, you may not feel like they’ve heard you. Or the solutions they present may not make sense to you.

    At Rite Air Heating and Cooling, we make it our mission to listen to you, learn from you, and present you with clear solutions that actually fix the problem. We serve all of the St Louis Metro area.

    • St. Louis City
    • St. Louis County
    • St. Charles County
    • Jefferson County
    • Franklin County
    • Clinton County
    • Jersey County
    • Maddison County
    • St. Clair County

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Our Core Values

    • Value Teamwork

    • Lead by Example

    • Focus on the Future

    • Be Respectful

    • Challenge the Status Quo

    • Strive for Excellence